Russia says Europe asks to increase gas supplies

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Russia says Europe asks to increase gas supplies

Russia said Friday that European countries are demanding increased supplies of Russian gas from existing infrastructure that has not been damaged such as the Nord Stream pipelines.

“There is demand for our gas, European colleagues constantly ask to increase the volumes of deliveries through the infrastructure that remains operational: the TurkStream, Blue Stream, and part goes through the Ukrainian infrastructure,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with state broadcaster Rossia 24.

He added that Russia has now increased supplies in the Asian direction, through the Siberian Force gas pipeline, which has become one of its priorities.

“However, the European market is also current for us and we keep supplies there,” he said.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that if the Russian gas cap, which is being discussed in the West, violates Gazprom’s current contracts with its counterparts, Moscow would reserve the right to “think about whether it has to comply with them or not”, since the other party violates them.

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