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Russia – Ukraine: War on 14 March, 2023

Putin Claims Gazprom Found Antenna to Activate Bomb in Nord Stream

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Gazprom, a Russian gas company, has discovered an antenna 30 kilometers away from the initial explosions in Nord Stream, which can activate another explosive device. According to Putin, Gazprom specialists believe that there is an explosive or several explosives placed beneath the pipeline system. He commented that such an explosion could only happen with the backing and technology of a state.

‘The New York Times’ has recently reported that a pro-Ukrainian group is the prime suspect behind the sabotage. However, Putin dismissed this claim and urged people to look for those who are interested. He pointed out that the United States could be a potential culprit as they may be interested in increasing gas prices by stopping Russian energy supply to the European market.

Putin’s claim about the potential involvement of the United States has raised eyebrows in the political sphere. Meanwhile, the investigation into the Nord Stream explosion is ongoing.

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