Russia warns those who resort to provocations such as that of the British destroyer that the consequences can be very serious

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The Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergei Riabkov, has warned those who resort to provocations such as that of the British destroyer, who this Wednesday violated the Russian maritime border in the Black Sea, that “the consequences can be very serious”, informs TASS.

The British destroyer HMD Defender ran 3 kilometers into Russian waters near Crimea, which it abandoned after the Russian Fleet opened warning fire, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. Moscow regards the Defender maneuver as a flagrant violation of the UN convention and has urged London to thoroughly investigate the actions of its ship in the Black Sea.

“The territorial integrity of Russia is inviolable. The inviolability of its borders is an absolute imperative, we will be on guard against all this by diplomatic and political means and, if necessary, military”, Riabkov stressed.

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