Russian athlete wins gold medal at Olympics with Witcher charm

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The Witcher is one of the favorite stories of streaming users Netflix, and it was clear when it premiered in late 2019 and positioned itself as the most watched series in the platform’s history, until it was ripped apart by Bridgerton this year. There is no doubt that it has millions of fans, and who has the same passion is Vitalina Batsarashkina, Russian athlete who competed and won at Tokyo 2020.

The show, starring Henry Cavill, is based on the heroic fantasy novels created by Andrzej Sapkowski. In addition to having its adaptation on television, it also had comics, board games, card games, video games that are popular on various consoles and an anime version of the movie will soon be called Nightmare of the Wolf.

As most of you know, since last week the Tokyo 2020 Olympics in the Japanese capital, after they were postponed last year by the Coronavirus pandemic. The athletes are already in full competition and one of them gave a very interesting aspect: Vitalina Batsarashkina took the gold medal with a Geralt of Rivia amulet on. Look at the picture!

The young Russian performed great in the 10-meter air pistol test with a White Wolf medallion, which curiously had also taken it with him in the 2016 Rio Olympics, where he took the silver. This time the situation was different, as she was superior to the Bulgarian Antoaneta Kostadinova and the Chinese Jiang Ranxin, and he took gold for the first time in his career.

His achievement meant the first gold for him Russian Olympic Committee, the flag for which Russian athletes compete, after the country was suspended for a systematic use of doping among athletes with the state in complicity. Meanwhile, Batsarashkina will be happy with what has been obtained, but we suppose that even more for getting closer to the second season of The Witcher on Netflix, specifically the December 17.

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