Russian Businessman Offers Million Dollars for Putin’s Head

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Not all wealthy Russians are at President Vladimir Putin’s side. Businessman Alex Konanykhin has promised a million-dollar reward for the Russian president’s head. Konanykhin said that this measure responds to a “moral duty” to take measures and help Ukraine in the face of the invasion that began on February 24.

Putin poster posted by Russian businessman Alex Konanykhin on LinkedIn

“I promise to pay $1,000,000 to soldiers who, in the line of their constitutional duty, arrest Putin as a war criminal under Russian and international law,” Konanykhin wrote on his LinkedIn account. The post’s post included a photo of Putin with the caption “Wanted dead or alive. Vladimir Putin for mass murder.”

“Putin is not the Russian president since he came to power as a result of a special operation of neighborhood explosions in Russia, then he violated the Constitution by eliminating free elections and assassinating his opponents.” In his message, the businessman says: “As an ethnic Russian and citizen of Russia, I see it as my moral duty to facilitate the denazification of Russia. I will continue to assist Ukraine in its heroic efforts to resist the onslaught of Putin’s horde.”

Konanykhin is not someone close to Putin, at all. In the nineties he founded a bank in Russia and his companies came to have a value of 300 million dollars. In 1992 he left his country for the United States after an arrest warrant was issued. The reason? Russian authorities claimed he had embezzled up to eight million dollars from the Russian Exchange Bank.

According to The Independent, FBI agents said in the past that the Russian mafia had signed a contract with Konanykhin. The case ended with the businessman being exiled in the US under the condition of a political asylee.

However, his asylum was revoked several years later, but his deportation was eventually canceled by U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis, who overturned the decision and said the decision to return him to Moscow “sucks.”

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