Russian Defense Minister explains why humanity is heading “by leaps and bounds” towards the abyss

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Humanity is rapidly heading towards a horizon of catastrophe, due to its tendency to consume goods and resources in an irrational way, believes the Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, who also chairs the Russian Geographical Society.

“I will express an idea that I think many will not like. It seems to me that humanity is advancing by leaps and bounds towards its own doom. And the cause is its unbridled desire to consume“, declared Shoigú to the geographic checkpoint Vokrug Sveta.

“If you have a rabbit, you will be satisfied. But when you have ten, you need a refrigerator or the meat will go bad. The refrigerator needs electricity to operate, which requires burning fuel, and you need to extract it first. But why do you need these 10 rabbits ?! I dream that one day everyone will realize that the time has come to stop this crazy consumerism race“said the defense minister.

A native of the Republic of Tuva, in Siberia, Shoigu remembered his hunter grandfather, which I use as an example of a respectful attitude towards Earth’s resources.

“I would go to the taiga and capture an animal. I could have hunted more but I did not, because I knew that I could not eat that much meat and that would have less prey the next year. These are the rules created by the way of life and not by the bureaucracy, “he said.

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