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Russian woman fined for calling Zelensky ‘handsome and funny’

Russian Citizen Fined for Flattering Ukrainian President

A 70-year-old Russian citizen has been fined 40,000 rubles (about $500) for a flattering comment about Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the Memorial human rights center reported.

During her stay in a rest home in the Russian Caucasus, the woman referred to Zelensky as “a handsome young man with a good sense of humor”. She added that everyone used to laugh at his jokes, alluding to the president’s profession as a comedian and actor.

The events occurred in December 2022, the Memorial indicates. Shortly after the conversation, some law enforcement officers appeared in the pensioner’s room and accused her of “glorifying Zelensky,” according to the complaints received.

The woman tried to explain that she had only referred to the physique of the current Ukrainian president and his qualities as an actor, but that did not help her avoid the fine.

This incident highlights the ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and the strict measures taken against those who show support for the other country’s leaders.

We must remember that freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights that must be protected. Denying someone the right to express their opinion, no matter how seemingly harmless, is never justified.

It is essential for countries to promote dialogue and understanding between their citizens, rather than punishing those who express different views. This way, we can create a more peaceful and tolerant world.

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