Ruth Karina on ‘Uchulú’ career: With her talent she will go far

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The technocumbia singer, Ruth Karina, remembered for her famous songs’ Come to dance ‘,’ They are to enjoy ‘and’ Follow my rhythm ‘, advised the’‘Let him be humble and keep his feet on the ground so that his artistic career continues.

He’s a new talent and I love that he’s still humble, he’s not a guy whose fame has gone to his head. I have spoken to him seriously and advised him to remain humble, to keep his feet firmly on the ground. I have told him that he must always remain humble and that, with his talent, he will go far“, he pointed Ruth Karina to the press.

This is what he said after the recordings of ‘My mom cooks better than yours’, an edition that will be seen this Sunday’, where together with ‘La Uchulú’ he will face singers Amy Gutiérrez and Pedro Loli in a tough kitchen duel.

I had a great time, ‘La Uchulú’ was in charge of cooking and although she made me deny it because she was distracted or delayed, she was very obedient to my instructions. We complement each other very well in the kitchen because we are both from the jungle, ‘La Uchulú’ and I have all the flavor of the jungle”, He expressed.

The singer admitted that she cooks very well, although she does not know how to prepare many dishes. He assured that the need made him learn to cook due to the birth of his first child. “The need forced me to learn. Before that I did not know how to cook, my mother would send me to study, she would not let me in the kitchen. I was a very conceited daughter because I am the last. I do not conquer by the stomach, I conquer by singing and dancing”, He clarified.

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Regarding the competition in the program, she said that Amy Gutiérrez does not know how to cook, but thanks to the help of Pedro Loli she managed to save her plate: “He does know cooking. The truth is that, as artists, make us sing, not cook ”.

Ruth Karina announced that he will travel to the United States to perform some concerts for National Holidays because “There the concerts are already being reactivated and this is a great help for the artists”. And to the happiness of his followers, he pointed out that he continues to perform virtual shows.

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