Ryan Reynolds accused Hollywood of sexism for not giving Blake Lively credit

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Ryan Reynolds he always highlighted the role of his partner, Blake Lively, as a person who supported him in his career. When the actor wanted to relaunch Deadpool after his failed participation in X-Men Orígenes: Wolverine, she helped him at all times, especially when executives were hesitant to make room for a superhero movie of the characteristics that the interpreter proposed.

It’s known that Reynolds many times he modifies aspects of the films in which he participates and is not afraid to share his vision with directors and screenwriters. In that sense, the interpreter remarked that his wife is very talented and knew how to hit on different interventions that improved stories that were posed in a different way.

Sexism in Hollywood? Ryan Reynolds thinks so

“I write in a lot of my movies. It’s been a survival mechanism for me for a long time. Sometimes they give me credit, sometimes not. There is a lot of great writing that I did and it was actually Blake, confessed Ryan and I add: “She would come in, take the keyboard and say ‘how about this?’ And I would think ‘this is amazing!'”

This is where the problems appear for the couple: Ryan He presents his work, clarifying the participation of his wife, who is ultimately not recognized. Blake wrote that, not me “, the interpreter confirms to the executives. The answer frustrates him: “They, anyway, repeat the story that I wrote it.”

Ryan Reynolds He does not hesitate to point out that this is a consequence of the sexism that the industry has ingrained for a long time. It would not be the first time that a woman’s work has been hidden in a production. The truth is that it is not known in which tapes the actor helped Blake Lively with the script, but it should be an important contribution given the reaction of the actor of Free Guy.

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