Ryan Reynolds on “Deadpool 3”: “There is a 70% chance that it will start filming next year”

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The talent of Ryan Reynolds for comedy it is totally innate. The actor always carries humor as a flag, both in his private life with his wife Black Lively and in the work projects that he has accumulated in his filmography. His latest tape Free guy (will premiere on August 18 in Spain) It is one of the surprises of the year, after being seen by much of the international press. Following his promotion, in an interview for Collider, the media took the opportunity to also ask him about the continuation of Marvel’s most loudmouth mercenary: Deadpool 3.

Precisely, the last time we were able to see the character was in the viral reaction that Deadpool and Korg shared when watching the trailer for Free Guy. The antihero is a bit in a no-man’s-land since Disney bought Fox because his R rating makes it difficult to incorporate the mercenary into the Disney Cinematic Universe. But the boss of the creation of all phases of the study, Kevin Feige assured the qualification for adults and that Deadpool would enter the joint world of Marvel.

Sister screenwriters Lizze and Wendy Molyneux they are working on the story so the editor Steven Weintraub He asked Reynolds for the start date of Deadpool 3, to which the actor replied: “The percentage of probability? (…) I would say maybe it’s 50/50. We are really actively developing it and putting it in good shape. What the heck is this month? It is quite probable. I would say 70% ”.

The actor too He referred to the new story as a promising installment: “It is something that is just a daily process. Writing is something like this, you have to take time to do it and leave, and I’m working with the Molyneux on that, it’s been great. They are incredibly talented and very smart. They understand that world and they know how to zigzag when everyone expects a zag, so it’s been a lot of fun. “ Unfortunately the pre-production of Deadpool 3 It is still very green, because not only do we not know an approximate release date, but there is not yet a director selected to head the project.

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