Ryan Reynolds’ Unexpected Request for Jodie Comer in Free Guy

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Last week it was released Free Guy, the last movie of Ryan Reynolds where he plays Guy, a secondary character in a video game who begins to develop his consciousness and becomes the first artificial intelligence to come to life. From the hand of Shawn Levy, the film has figures such as Taika Waititi, Lil Rel Howery Y Joe Keery, with Jodie Comer as the co-star of the story.

The actress of Killing Eve chatted with The Hollywood Reporter and gave details of how the filming of this film was, which had a key contribution on his part that had not been considered when he joined the project. In Free Guy, Comer gives life to Millie, who enters the video game Free City under the nickname Molotov Girl.

Molotov Girl is responsible for the awareness of Guy wake up and break the routine that the algorithm had pre-set for you. Before crossing the path of the character of Millie, Guy he worked as a bank clerk and repeated the same routine every day. He was someone condemned to never know love.

gamer is very well represented in
Free Guy. (IMDb)

As in most romantic comedies, the interaction between two characters destined to fall in love is marked by a song. In the case of Free Guy, the chosen music was “Fantasy”, of Mariah Carey, but not in its original version. Jodie Comer he took it upon himself to re-record the song in Los Angeles and it became the actress’s “favorite part of the movie”.

“To be honest, it didn’t require much persuasion,” she said. Jodie Comer. Months after finishing the filming of Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds He sent her a message with which he invited her to record a new version of “Fantasy” what for Comer it was “beautiful” and “didn’t sound like the original at all.” The actress recorded in Capitol Records, where they also knew how to record The Beatles. “It’s such a beautiful part of the movie,” said the actress.

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It’s not a job for everyone: stuntmen in Free Guy

Every action-packed movie supports much of its success in the way its action scenes are performed. For this, it is important that good stuntmen appear, as in the case of Daniel Stevens, which knew how to be twice as Hugh Jackman on your way like Wolverine.

In Free Guy he had to do the most dangerous sequences of Ryan Reynolds, including one in which he had to throw himself into the void on his back. In his social networks he shared the shocking video of how he did to bring more realism to this film of Shawn Levy.

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