Ryan Reynolds was responsible for two big changes to Free Guy

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With a very good launch weekend, Free Guy it quickly became one of the best releases of the year. The initial budget of around $ 100 million was almost recouped and this quickly encouraged 20th Century Studios and Disney to think of a sequel to this production. The great irony has to do with the fact that one of the strongest messages of the film is to make fun of the franchise format so fashionable today.

Beyond how a continuation of this story can be constructed, Free Guy knows what it has in its protagonist, Ryan Reynolds, a great ally. The actor was responsible for two major changes to the film’s script. This was confirmed Matt Lieberman, the person in charge of the script, to The Hollywood Reporter. “Not in a million years would I have dreamed that Ryan Reynolds out of Guy, he assured.

Lieberman explained that once Reynolds agreed to be part of Free Guy, its history went from project to development to being carried out at full throttle. In the middle, Matt wanted the actor of Deadpool I will review the story to get some opinions about it. As a result, two proposals came in that changed the structure of the film released last week in theaters. “He’s a great screenwriter”, assured Lieberman upon Ryan Reynolds.

Guy and Buddy (Lil Rel Howery) work together at the bank. (IMDb)

“He is a smart producer. I was looking for things as a scriptwriter, as an actor, as the person who has to sell those lines and those scenes “, assured Lieberman. Thus, he remarked what was the great change that he brought Ryan for Free Guy. “In the original script, Guy was a cynical character. It started in a cynical place “, he pointed. In this context, he detailed that Ryan Reynolds said: Guy he should be happy where he is “.

According Lieberman, this proposal gave Guy a “Much bigger bow”. He also highlighted that he had “Many good ideas”, one of which had to do with the appearance of a character from the end, with whom he has to face in order to save Free City, the fictional city that is in danger of being eliminated.

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Ryan Reynolds also convinced Jodie Comer for another big change

What was done in the script of Free Guy was not the only contribution of Ryan Reynolds For the movie. The actor was also in charge of convincing Jodie Comer, his co-star, to sing one of the songs in the film. This is a different version of a theme song by Mariah Carey what sounds while Guy meets for the first time with Molotov Girl, the user of Millie (Comer) on Free City.

free guy ryan reynolds jodie comer

Molotov Girl is the username that Millie plays with in Free City. (IMDb)

The song in question was “Fantasy”, a song released by Carey in 1995, and it became at the time “favorite” for Jodie Comer throughout the film. Ryan Reynolds convinced her to record a reversal in Los Angeles, although she took it upon herself to say that “To be honest, it didn’t require much persuasion”. Ryan He asked her months after filming ended, through a text message and for her it was a version “hermosa”, that “It didn’t sound like the original at all”.

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