Ryohei Kimura and Riho Iida reveal details of their characters in Odd Taxi

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The lively It is one of the genres that generates the most fanaticism in the public. Spectators of all ages are attracted by proposals of different styles. And, in this sense, Crunchyroll It has a super interesting catalog for anime lovers. There you can find classics like Yu-Gi-Oh! until new series like Odd Taxi. It came into service earlier this year and became a hit in no time. With only 13 episodes he knew how to captivate users almost immediately.

Tells the story of Oddakawa, a taxi driver who travels the city in his car every night. His life is very routine and unfriendly. In fact, no family is known. He only has two friends Goriki Y Kakibana. One day everything changes when during a strange conversation with a client the topic of the mysterious disappearance of a student comes up.

On Spoiler We had the opportunity to speak exclusively with two of the seiyuus, in Spanish known as voice actors, who participated in Odd Taxi. Is about Ryohei Kimura, who gives life to Goriki already Riho Iida, Shirakawa in the series. The artists told us all about their beginnings in the voice acting and revealed what they found different in this anime to decide to be a part.

Ryohei Kimura and Riho Iida talk about their beginnings in dubbing and their characters in Odd Taxi

Voice acting is a discipline that dates back to the mid-20th century. In Japan, the actors who perform the voices of animated characters are called seiyuus. Having such a big industry in anime, dubbing is too. In fact, there are hundreds of seiyuus who dedicate themselves 100% to this interesting and creative profession. Ryohei Kimura Y Riho Iida They tell us about their beginnings in this branch of interpretation.

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Spoiler: Why did you decide to become a voice actor?

Ryohei Kimura: “I was part of an acting company. While working on all kinds of jobs, I came across voice acting.”

Riho Iida: “I belong to an agency. I entered voice acting through an opportunity to audition for Love Live. I won the casting and was part of the cast.”

S: What’s so exciting about dubbing?

Ryohei Kimura: “As part of a series production, voice actors characterize a character through the performance alone, without the appearance itself being highlighted. I am able to deliver performances that would be more complicated to perform in a live performance and give it life to heroes who look extremely different from me. “

Riho Iida: “I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 21 years. Half the time, I worked as a child model / actress and an entertainment industry personality. Exactly halfway there, I started working as a voice actress. I thought not I could only do one thing in my career. “

Being an animated proposal with a touch of mystery, Kimura and Iida tell us what motivated them to accept being part of the cast.

S: What is different about Odd Taxi from other series that have already dubbed?

Ryohei Kimura: “As it is not only an original story, but also one that has strong elements of mystery, every week I was excited to read the script.”

Riho Iida: “There are a lot of elements in Odd Taxi that are different in the series. The most obvious example is that when a character opens his mouth, he makes an” ah “sound of accomplishment, or grunts when the movement is associated, but Odd Taxi eliminates A lot of those sound effects. It’s very true to real life. We only included sounds that are from real life. I think that’s quite different. ”

Riho Iida, 29, started her career at a very young age, but was not always linked to dubbing. In fact, she was first a model, then an actress, and finally fell in love with voice acting.

S: How was the creative process to compose Miho Shirakawa? Do you see any of the character in you?

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Riho Iida: “Shirakawa looks like a 28-year-old woman. When I recorded this role, I was practically the same age. I think my voice didn’t sound like a woman over 30 years old, nor did it sound like a woman in her early 20s. It was calm, smooth, and also mysterious. But since she is the heroine, I wanted it to sound a little cute. As the age of the role was close to mine, there is not much difference. But when I started filming it, I found that it was stuck on the idea of ​​doing ‘an anime character performance’, so the first day involved a lot of debate, reruns, trial and error. “

“We talked in meetings that acting should sound as natural as possible. Through the recording process. I focused on speaking fully and naturally, as if I was speaking to the person sitting next to me, in a way that naturally I speak. That was the direction I received, so I did my best to be able to do it in the best possible way. “

Iida is Shirakawa.

“I think we feel him as a completely different person. I’m not very mysterious and talk about everything, but Shirakawa-san is very considerate as a person. It’s a bit weird to describe myself as considerate, but I always end up taking care of young colleagues perhaps. Too much. I’ve gone so far with that that I’ve ended up getting hurt. I wouldn’t necessarily call that codependency, but in that sense, we could be similar. I think we both have older sister vibes. “

By last, Ryōhei Kimura, who at just 34 years old, has been dubbing for more than two decades, reflected on the challenges he had to face in the role of Goriki.

Kimura es Goriki en Odd Taxi.

S: You have been dubbing for more than 20 years, what was special or different for you to do the voice of Gōriki? What were the challenges that were presented to you?

Ryohei Kimura: “I thought there must be a reason why I had been cast as Goriki, so instead of putting together a great performance, I preserved my personal acting style and personality.”

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