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Sabrina Carpenter Unveils Complete Tracklist for ‘Short ‘n’ Sweet’ Album
Image Credit: Getty Images for Loewe

As Taylor Swift officially declared, it is the “SUMMER OF SABRINA” as fans eagerly await Sabrina Carpenter’s new album Short n’ Sweet, scheduled for release on August 23.

With “Espresso” and “Please Please Please” already out, these two hit singles have provided listeners with an exciting preview of what to expect from the upcoming album. In a recent Instagram video posted by the 25-year-old on Tuesday, July 9, Sabrina revealed the titles of the other 10 tracks on the album, including “Taste,” “Good Graces,” “Sharpest Tool,” “Coincidence,” “Bed Chem,” “Dumb Poetic,” “Slim Pickins,” “Juno,” “Lie To Girls,” and “Don’t Smile.” In the video, she danced in a light blue bodysuit paired with black sheer leggings.

The excitement for Sabrina Carpenter doesn’t stop there. She recently announced her North America tour in support of the album, featuring 29 dates in major cities such as Toronto, New York, Dallas, and Orlando.

Adding to the thrill, she mentioned in an Instagram carousel post on Thursday, July 4, “and just like that you guys sold out the entire short n’ sweet tour, espresso went #1 at pop radio andddddd i slid down this slide :’) thank you all so so much!!! i can’t wait to see you on the road.” In the video included, the singer, who is currently dating Barry Keoghan, was even praised by Ice Spice as having the song of the summer with “Espresso.”

Sabrina’s success story doesn’t end there. Earlier this year, she performed at Coachella, an experience she later expressed gratitude for in an Instagram post: “@coachella weekend 1, thank you to my incredible band, dancers, crew, team, friends, family for this special night I’ll always remember. just a blue motel and a dream.”

She also separately commented, “I’m so glad you came for me Coachella.”

Additionally, Sabrina took the stage on the season finale of SNL in May this year. She shared moments from this memorable experience on social media, enthusiastically posting, “my first time on SNL!!! @nbcsl and the season finale!!! Thank you Lorne thank you Brian, the genius cast, writers and crew for being so welcoming. thank you to my whole crew for your endless talent!!!”

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