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Aaron Díaz Stands Up for Real Daddies

Aaron Díaz recently took to Instagram to send a message to those who call themselves “daddies” without ever having changed a diaper. The Mexican actor stated that the title of “daddy” can only be given to a man by his wife and children and is only suitable for real men who take care of their family.

The star of hit series like Teresa, Les Miserables, Tierra de Reyes, and Santa Diabla shared a photo of himself carrying his baby and showing off his muscles, demonstrating what a real daddy looks like. He added a special greeting to the men who do what they need to do to give their family the best.

However, Díaz also had a message for the rest of the “daddies.” He called them out as clowns and stated that the title is only for those who are willing to put in the work.

A Role Model for Dads Everywhere

Aaron Díaz is not just a Hollywood actor but a role model for dads everywhere. He has two daughters, Erin and Regina, from his relationship with Argentine actress and singer Lola Ponce.

His partner Lola commented on the post, calling him “daddy in every sense of the word.” The fans also showered him with comments with admiration for his words. One fan commented that Díaz is a real man who respects and loves his wife, while another fan stated that many want the title without having done anything for their children.

Indeed, Aaron Díaz’s post is a powerful reminder that being a daddy goes beyond a title or a social media trend. It is a responsibility, a privilege, and an honor. And it is only for those who work hard and love their family selflessly.

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