Sad news: French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away

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The day of the date will be remembered with great sadness by lovers of good cinema: French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo died. This was reported to the media by his lawyer. The actor’s career is full of successes and made him one of the great figures of his country. Ever nicknamed the Ugliest Man in French CinemaHe was also a recognized seducer. His participation in the film Breathless catapulted him as one of the greatest figures of the cultural movement New wave.

Jean-Paul was always surrounded by art: his father was a sculptor, his sister a dancer and his brother a film producer. He studied drama at the National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Art. His film debut was bitter: on film On foot, on horseback and in car (1957) they eliminated almost all of their participation from the tape. Nevertheless, thanks to Breathless it would become an icon of French cinema.

Sadness! The iconic Jean-Paul Belmondo passed away

During his youth, Jean Paul He was fond of soccer and boxing, achieving an imposing bearing that, added to his fractured nose, gave him an appearance that the actor knew how to use intelligently in his career. His roles were oriented towards action and humor.. Important fact: he did all his stunts!

A curiosity within his career: although Jean-Paul received many awards, such as the Golden Lion on the Path and the Premio Coq of the French Community of Belgium special, the actor rejected the César Award for Best Actor for the film The Empire of the Lion from the year 1988. The strong personality of the interpreter was recognized in the environment.

Icon of French cinema. Photo: IMDb.

Jean-Paul Belmondo was awarded in 2007 with the Legion of Honor, the best known and most important of the French decorations, was first established by the emperor himself Napoleon. The magnitude of Belmondo within French cinema is incalculable and his cultural influence continues to this day. The art world is going to miss you!

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