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Safety pin! Dakota Johnson passionate on the set of “Persuasion”

Dakota Johnson managed to get away from the label that was assigned to him in Hollywood for his role in “50 Shades of Gray” and that marked the beginning of his career. Now the actress has joined the new Netflix project, an adaptation of the novel by Jane Austen, “Persuasion” whose latest photos revealed her in the middle of a passionate scene.

It should be remembered that on this tape the diva The 31-year-old plays a young woman from the days of yore who for her age is late for love, in terms of the beliefs of society at the time. As part of the shoot, she was caught kissing with her co-star, Cosmo Jarvis this week.

Dakota Johnson she wore a dark blue dress and ankle boots that matched the wardrobe of the lead role of Anne Elliott. “Between takes, I was joking, laughing and joking with people on set. He was definitely in a good mood and seemed to be enjoying himself, ”an insider who was at the scene told the British press.

Melanie Griffith’s daughter and Don Johnson and granddaughter of movie legend Tippi Hedren, she co-stars with Richard E. Grant and model Suki Waterhouse in the “modern and witty” version of Austen’s classic tale for Netflix. With this he adds a new project to those he already had.

The latest complete novel by Jane Austen tells the story of a woman who defies the rules of society by remaining single at the age of 27. In her case, she chooses to live with her near-bankrupt family rather than marry because she still has a place reserved for Captain Wentworth’s love.


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