Saints Row: the new installment shows us the city of Santo Ileso; video and details

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Saints Row is back; the return of the saga is a reality eight years after the last installment and will be the February 25, 2022 when we can enjoy it on PC and consoles. Just a few days ago we saw the announcement trailer during Gamescom 2021, and now we have the opportunity to take a look at the city of Santo Ileso Thanks to Volition, the studio responsible for the title, which took the opportunity to explain one of the most important decisions for this reboot: to return the franchise to its own origins, ensuring that the design of the most recent characters limited creative possibilities. Next we leave you the complete video.

Saints Row: Changed Like Never, Fun As Ever

More than eight years after the fourth and final installment to date, Volition defines the new Saints Row as “the largest, most varied and ambitiousThey have never created. This reboot differs from what was seen in the last chapters of the series and bets again precisely on what characterized the first titles of the same: the street gang wars; We will have to deal with Los Panteras, The Idols and Marshal Defense Industries, the triangle – not a love one – that will do the impossible to take power and control the city.

It must be said that neither the story of the title, nor the Saints themselves (the main group will be made up of four members) will have any relationship with other installments in the saga; It is something completely new and that will capture the return of the franchise in the form of a reboot. In MeriStation we have already seen it thoroughly and there are many things we can tell you about the game. Among them, stands out the enormous variety of activities that await us in Santo Ileso, especially the curious idea of ​​organizing a kind of criminal star-up in which, as a member of the Saints, we will try to spread through the city by acquiring land and maintaining different businesses of dubious legality.

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The new Saints Row will be available on February 25, 2022 en PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S y Xbox One.

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