Sakugan, the anime that will catch you on Crunchyroll: 3 reasons to watch it

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Crunchyroll prepares for an incredible premiere. Although there is still some time left, we can already tell you that it is worth a lot. Is about Sakugan, an anime produced by the studio Satelight, whose contents such as Fairy Tail Y Log Horizon have already surprised, and with designs of Shoji Kawamori, creator of Macross. Here, we tell you what it is about and we give you 3 reasons so you don’t miss it and see it. Look!

Why you should watch Sakugan, the next Crunchyroll anime

Sakugan is an adaptation of the novel of science fiction of Nekotaro Inui and tells the story of a father named Gagumber And your daughter Memempu, who have some differences but they are very close. What happens is that they live inside a colony. Outside that place is “The Labyrinth” and, although it is forbidden to approach there, a group known as the “Markers” are dedicated to exploring it with great care.

It is there where the discussions between Gagumber and Memempu begin, since he was a maker and she wants to be one now despite her young age. However, eventually both of them are immersed in an epic journey that will confront them with extreme danger and that will force them, in some way, to discover the truth in that Labyrinth.

The interesting thing about Sakugan is that not only does he propose a fantastic trip but also, from the script, he invites us to understand more fully this link between father and daughter. Because, despite the fact that the two have different views, the exchange between them is still exciting and very real for an animated series. That is to say that you will not only find a fantasy anime, also with a beautiful story that, incidentally, invites you to reflect on parenthood.

Sakugan premieres in October (Photo: Crunchyroll)

On the other hand, the animation by Kawamori, in turn, leaves an excellent impression. The designs are really surprising and, without a doubt, it is one of the best of this stage of premieres of the year. Meanwhile, the third point that this anime scores has to do with the choice of its seiyuus main.

In Memempu’s voice is Kanon Amane, a voice that was chosen for this anime from more than 1,000 people and his work is truly exceptional. On the other hand, in his father’s voice is Hiroki Tōchi, a seiyu with a long history known for his voice-overs in video games Uncharted, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy XIII, among many others.

When does Sakugan debut on Crunchyroll?

The anime had its world premiere at the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021 August, where the first episode was broadcast live, but will arrive on the platform in October. So book that month now! Meanwhile you can enjoy as many other series on Crunchyroll as One Piece, My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Super, Black Clover, Shingeki no Kiojin, To Your Eternity, among many more.

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