Salaries in 2021: This is what app developers and mobile developers earn in Germany

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More and more companies are offering their services via their own smartphone apps. The big app stores are overflowing with games, workout templates and petrol station finders. Many companies have now switched to a strategy called Mobile First. That means: A web-based application must first look and function well on the smartphone or tablet, only then is the desktop implementation important. Money can be made with apps – both for the developers and for the company itself.

IT salaries in 2021

Developers with knowledge of all aspects of app development benefit from the mobile hype in particular. Mobile developers are among the highest-paid professions in the IT industry – even the corona pandemic has not harmed salaries or job prospects. Even backend developers can’t match the salaries of app developers.

This article introduces the profession of mobile developer, lists the current gross annual salaries according to activity, educational qualification and company size and shows how big the salary jump is to senior developer.

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