Salma Hayek stuns on Instagram in sunset yellow ‘heart attack’ bikini

By: Dan Cooper

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Actress Salma Hayek has taken to Instagram to share a series of stunning photographs of herself in a gorgeous yellow bikini, revealing her curvaceous figure. The Mexican star posed on the steps of a yacht in the middle of the ocean, completely drenched in water.

In the first photo, she wore the heart attack bikini and in the next image, she posted a video of herself swimming in the water. Her photo gallery continues with model poses until sunset slips into the landscape.

Hayek has a strong connection with water and the sea. In fact, one of her favorite activities is scuba diving, and she frequently chooses vacation destinations with beaches. Though she does not devote herself to working out in the gym, she loves swimming and diving and has found moments in meditation that have a great impact on her well-being.

Sharing her passion for the sea, Hayek wrote in the description of the publication, “Every time I need to feel renewed, I go into the sea.” The post has garnered more than 280,000 reactions in less than an hour.

Natural Beauty Tips from Salma Hayek

Hayek has always been vocal about her natural beauty regime. She showed her natural beauty to her followers and did not use makeup. She let her black hair down and was herself on camera. She tries to take care of her skin without the intervention of creams and chemical products.

In an interview with The New York Times, she shared that she never washes her face in the morning. “My grandmother taught me that at night your skin replenishes everything you lost during the day. I clean it very well at night, but why would it be dirty when I wake up? Companies say that so they make you use more products,” she said.

She applies rose water in the mornings to “wake up her skin” and moisturizes her face with cream. Salma Hayek doesn’t use sunscreen unless she’s going to be exposed to the sun all day. “I don’t think the chemicals in sunscreen are good for your skin. I believe in using it when you need it,” she points out.

Salma Hayek is Aging Gracefully

Salma Hayek is 56 years old and looks incredible. In addition, she enjoys a professional career in Hollywood that does not wane. She continues to be a frequent guest on the red carpets of such important events as the Oscars, and now she also brings her daughter Valentina and her stepdaughter Mathilde Pinault to the galas.

It’s evident that Salma Hayek is aging gracefully and is not shy to show the world her natural beauty. Her passion for the sea and her ultimate care for her skin are two things that not only differentiate her from other actors but also make her stand out as an exceptional human being.

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