Salma Hayek’s Hot Summer Secrets: 5 Trending Bikinis to Make a Spectacular Splash

This July 5th is National Bikini Day in the United States

A garment that little by little has become a symbol of women’s liberation. The bikini was created in 1946 by Louis Réard, an automotive engineer who ran his mother’s underwear store in Paris.

Réard realized that his clients folded their bathing suits to have more exposed skin when going to the beach and that is how he came up with a new design for the garments.

However, his idea was not well accepted. The garment caused such a stir that some countries banned women from wearing it and some nations maintain this restriction.

We Recommend This set was named a bikini for Bikini Atoll

a coral island in the Pacific Ocean where the United States conducted nuclear tests. The bikini broke paradigms about what women “should” or should not wear.

Celebrities like Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot started wearing bikinis on public beaches and in their movies. Little by little it gained ground until it slipped into the taste of thousands of women.

Summer has arrived and it is the perfect opportunity to travel to the beach and show off that bikini that you have kept in the closet all year.

Do not be afraid of what they will say and remember that confidence is the number one key to wearing a bikini.

The classic silhouettes and models return this 2023 and who better than Salma Hayek to model some trendy outfits.

In one of her last getaways to the beach

The Mexican actress chose a pastel blue bikini, ideal to match the colors of the sea. The euphoria over the Barbie movie has set the Barbiecore trend, where pink clothes grab the spotlight.

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Look like Salma Hayek in a fuchsia bikini or go for a barbie pink shade. Full-body bathing suits, monokinis, and bandeau bikinis have been in vogue for seasons.

Salma shows that she is back with the classic slightly triangular silhouette to be the sexiest trend of the summer. There is no movie that does an ode to bikinis quite like Baywatch.

In 2022, red bikinis returned to the beaches and this year there are still havens of the trend. Kim Kardashian has already presented her new collection of black latex bikinis and Salma Hayek wore this swimsuit with gold details that will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

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