“Salma Hayek’s Surprising Little Red Riding Hood Ensemble to Promote Burgers in Mexico”

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The History of Burger Boy

In the 1980s, Burger Boy was a popular fast-food chain in Mexico City. It was known for its prehistoric-themed burger menu, which included the unifante, brontodoble, and triple dino burgers. Burger Boy’s success was also due to its advertising strategy, which included dinosaur cartoons and commercials featuring famous Mexican celebrities.

One such celebrity was Salma Hayek, who appeared in a Burger Boy commercial in 1988. The commercial showed Hayek as a modern-day Red Riding Hood, inviting her grandmother to have a Burger Boy hamburger. The commercial was a hit at the time and is still remembered today with nostalgia.

Despite its popularity, Burger Boy faced tough competition from McDonald’s in the mid-90s and attempted a restructuring to save the chain. However, it was ultimately unsuccessful, and Burger Boy disappeared from the market.

More than 20 years after its disappearance, there were rumors that Burger Boy would be making a comeback. However, the chain never returned, leaving only memories and videos of its unique menu and advertising campaigns.

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