Salt Bae Diners Who Consumed $ 3,000 Say They Were “Treated Like Babies”

Nusret Gökçe, better known as Salt Bae, has become one of the most famous chefs in the world thanks to the peculiar way he does to add salt to his gold-plated steaks. Something that has made millions of people share their videos by making themselves viral on social media.

The success of the Turkish butcher has led him to open luxury restaurants not only in Istanbul but also in the most important cities around the world like Dubai, New York or London. All of them fashionable and quite requested by the most demanding clients and the most international celebrities.

However, the dozens of complaints and criticisms from its clients against its premises located in the city of London have become quite frequent in recent days. So much so that recently the claim has gone viral of an angry diner who has unleashed controversy on social networks.

An irate diner was unhappy with their visit and said the staff treated them “like babies,” he reports. . “Food is very average. We had a special of Nusret, coffees, baklava, onion flower, a giant tomahawk, four cocktails, water and kunefe, ”he wrote on TripAdvisor.

“For two we spent just over £ 2,200 ($ 2,930). A staggering amount for what would be a £ 150 ($ 200) meal. I would describe the kitchen level as basic, ”he explained.

“The servers were friendly, but they also have a trick; They made annoying noises when they cut our baklava. We felt like they were treating us like babies. I think this place is more for the elite who are in a completely different social hierarchy ”, reads the diner’s complaint.

However, many guests have left positive comments online. “The food was fantastic, the burger it was cooked to perfection. The staff were welcoming and friendly and looked after us. The overall experience at this restaurant was fantastic, ”wrote another user.

The claim occurs after they were made comparisons between staff salaries and restaurant dishes; the hourly wage is the same as the cost of the mashed potatoes on the menu.

A Nusr-Et job advertisement posted online said the restaurant is looking for an “experienced” Chef de Partie, who is usually in charge of a particular production area in a restaurant, to join the team.

He said the successful candidate “will work with some of the best ingredients from the UK and abroad in one of the most famous steakhouses in the world.”

However, the chef will be paid between £ 12.00 and £ 13.50 per hour (about US $ 12-18 per hour) plus tips, despite the staggering menu prices.

Nusret, 38, currently has 17 restaurants in his chain and has a legion of famous devotees, including DJ Khaled, Leonardo Dicaprio and David Beckham. It opened its London branch in October, with famous e influencers eager to try internet celebrity dishes.

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