Sam Heughan and Sophie Skelton’s photo showing why Jamie and Brianna Fraser are the best

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The much-hated Doughtlander is ending. After several months of work, Starz already has a premiere date for the sixth season of Outlander. It will be next March 6 when Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe once again put themselves in the shoes of Jamie and Claire Fraser entering new adventures of their characters. Of course, they will not be the only ones who will return.

The trailer, released just a few months ago, shows that the sixth season of Outlander will also bring back to Sophie Skelton, Brianna’s interpreter. This young woman, daughter of Jamie and Claire, traveled back in time to meet her mother and meet her biological father and ended up falling in love with this family life. That is why, now, his role is of the utmost importance in the series.

So much so that, in what comes the sixth edition, from Starz they did not hesitate to promote what will come with a photo of her accompanied by Sam Heughan. “She will always be his little girl”Says the description of the postcard that has left everyone shocked. It is that, in it, you can see the resemblance of the actors to the point that, really, they could pass as father and daughter.

Both redheads and with the same expression are characterized as their characters proving, once again, that they are undoubtedly the best Jamie and Brianna Fraser that fiction could have. It should be remembered, for those with a bad memory, that the relationship between these two characters did not start out being the best due to a strong resentment that she had, but little by little they met and their bond grew abysmally.

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In fact, in the next part of Outlander, everything indicates that Sam Heughan Y Sophie Skelton They will take the relationship of their characters further since they must face a family crisis and only love can save them. Undoubtedly, the new chapters come with everything to drive true fans of the story written by Diana Gabaldón crazy again.

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