Sam Heughan and Vanessa Hudgens: a relationship that beats friendship?

Few actors have catapulted themselves to international fame with just one character and, Sam Heughan, It is one of them. Since the series in which he stars, Outlander, was added to the Netflix catalog, his name has traveled the world transforming him into one of the interpreters of the moment and even the most sought after by different productions.

However, beyond his incredible talent when it comes to acting and being able to demonstrate all his versatility in front of the camera, Sam Heughan He is also one of the most beloved and flattered gallants in the industry. As the years go by (Outlander premiered in 2014), the actor continues to be widely proclaimed by his fans.

But, despite the fact that his number of followers continues to increase, Heughan manages to keep his private life, precisely, private. That is why, since he was launched to international fame, he has not been known stable partners, but he has been associated with more than one woman, one of them being his co-star in Outlander, Caitriona Balfe.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are just friends. Photo: (Getty)

However, now, another rumor has emerged about his love life which links him, first hand with Vanessa Hudgens. It is that, although it seems a couple difficult to believe, The actors have not stopped exchanging mischievous messages through social networks where the fans of both actors have not been able to avoid reacting by getting excited about their relationship.

The first step in the comments was Heughan since, in a postcard from Hudgens, he invited her to learn new things about Outlander. This is because, the former star of High School Musical published a snapshot during confinement in which he confessed to having problems with the internet, something that prevented him from watching the series. “Me sending my internet for a ride today. Except that I’m in my pajamas, at home and not at all calm. How I watch Outlander now”Wrote the artist.

So much so that Sam did not miss his colleague’s publication and commented: “Do you want to know some spoilers?Thus driving his followers crazy. And, it was only a few months later that her response came: “Scotland?”, She asked the actor in a snapshot in which he is seen resting with a dreamed landscape that, in fact, seems to be part of some space in which it was filmed Outlander.

Hudgens' comment on Heughan's photo.

Hudgens’ comment on Heughan’s photo.

And, with this, it could be confirmed that interpreters, in addition to sharing their profession, are nothing more than friends. What’s more, one could even say that She is a fan of the series that he stars in and they have no other relationship with each other.


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