Sam Heughan Celebrates Outlander’s 7th Anniversary With Intimate Photos

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Sam Heughan is one of the most acclaimed television stars of today by being the protagonist of Outlander, series that This August 9 is celebrating a new anniversary year from the day it began to air. For this reason, the actor used his social networks to celebrate it and did it in a special way for fans.

The adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels have five seasons released at this time, pending the release of the sixth part. 2020 was complicated for the production, since they had difficulties to carry out the filming due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The good news came in June when they confirmed the end of the filming and that the next episodes will arrive in 2022..

Sam I had advanced the new chapters in the podcast Just the Facts: “I’m really happy with this season. It almost feels like an early Western vibe. And, you know, we’re gearing up for the War of Independence. Obviously there’s time travel and all the other elements as well.”. Then he assured: “It feels like a small, but powerful season.”.

As we wait for the sixth installment of the acclaimed fiction, Heughan recalled on Monday that the show premiered on a day like today, so he posted some never-before-seen behind-the-scenes photos of Outlander., on the occasion of the celebration. Check out the intimate images that the interpreter Jamie Fraser posted!

The actor wrote on his Instagram account: “Outlander was released 7 years ago! These are the first photos I have on my phone (I actually lost it on the prison set while filming the season 1 finale). After 7 years, it seems that nothing has changed, I continue learning my lines while Cait sleeps “.

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