Sam Heughan changed Caitriona Balfe: he chose his ideal co-star and he is not the actress of Outlander

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Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe currently make up one of the most beloved couples in fiction, due to what was done in Outlander, where they play Jamie and Claire Fraser. Fans notice in the series the great chemistry they have, something that has crossed the screen and has led them to be great friends. Taking this into account, the actor’s answer to the question of who would be his ideal co-protagonist is strange. Who did you choose?

As we mentioned, their relationship goes beyond the recording set, and it is something that he has made clear in his book: “Caitriona and I have been on this wonderful journey together for almost seven years. That is why in her I have not only had a bright and sensitive co-star, but also a loyal friend “. He also assured: “She has become a sister and a best friend, we always consult each other and I think that makes the show excellent.”.

For its part, Balfe He recently explained how their friendship began during the filming of the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels: “From day one our screen test together was a chemistry reading and everyone was waiting to see how we would perform together.”. Then he added: “I think we have a very similar approach to life and acting, and we like to fully commit ourselves.”.

As we know, Sam He is very active on his social networks, where he shares important messages and photos of his vacations, such as the last ones in Mexico. In this case, he used his official Twitter profile, where he has more than 700 thousand followers, to answer the question: “Who is the co-star girl of your dreams?”, to which he replied with an exclamation: “Cher!!!!”, puzzling his fans to believe that he was going to mention Catherine.

The exchange with his faithful took place thanks to a promotion of his latest project, SAS: Rise of The Black Swan from Netflix, where the public could ask him questions under the hashtag “#AskTom”. While Heughan’s choice surprised most, it is reasonable to think that he has already been linked in productions with great music artists, such as Celine Dion in the film. Text for You.


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