Sam Heughan confessed what is the biggest difficulty of being Jamie Fraser in Outlander

Diana Gabaldón achieved international fame after her novels were shown on the small screen in serial format. Outlander, created by Starz Play and distributed worldwide by Netflix, is one of the most viewed fictions in recent times. Starring Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, this production is about to reach its sixth season, which has already finished filming and will premiere next year.

However, it seems that succeeding with Outlander not enough for some or at least for Sam Heughan. Is that, the protagonist and interpreter of Jamie Fraser confessed just a few hours ago that for him there is a difficulty that he has to go through in this project. Although a few months ago he spoke of the pain caused by having to wear a wig for so many hours, now it was much more.

Along with Caitriona Balfe, the actor has been playing the landowner of Fraser’s Ridge for seven years now. This role in Outlander It catapulted him to international fame and even positioned him as one of the most acclaimed actors in the industry. That is why Heughan currently has more than one project on the horizon and, in fact, already reaps great success with two films also on Netflix.

Sam and Caitriona at the end of the shoot. Photo: (Starz)

However, from what he confessed, he has a hard time letting go of Jamie once he finishes filming the strip. “It really is a kind of transitional moment. It’s hard to unplug sometimes, and for the first few days after completing a season of Outlander, you’re still on this hamster wheel of doing and doing things“, said.

But, now, he has not returned to the set of the series for several months since the filming ended in June. And, in fact, you will have no choice but to wait for the “Droughtlander” (a term created by fans that refers to the time between season and season) to pass and, of course, it will be long since it will not return to Scotland until well into 2022.

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