Sam Heughan leaked details of Outlander season 6

The sixth season of Outlander It has a release date for 2022, but as if this were not enough, it will also be extra short. In other words, fans can only enjoy the story of Jamie and Claire Fraser for six chapters, which have already become the most anticipated of the Starz plot and, in fact, the same. Sam Heughan was the one who assured that it will be one of the best editions.

The filming of the new episodes of Outlander They ended less than a month ago and the director, Mathew B. Roberts made sure that no details are leaked about what is to come, only declaring who the new characters will be. Although, of course, he also announced when the strip went into post production and, it was precisely this statement that increased the anxiety of the fans.

So much so that the protagonist of this drama, Sam Heughan, decided to talk about the story that will be carried out in the next edition. One of the first advances he gave was that, although Outlander remained quite faithful to what Diana Gabaldón wrote, Roberts also took certain creative liberties to capture fiction on the small screen.

In an interview for Starz’s YouTube channel, Heughan began by saying, “my character has been a young warrior who has become a husband, father and now grandfather, he has fought bloody battles, he has been abused. I’ve had a lot to play with”. Likewise, the interpreter of Jamie Fraser stated: “making a home in the new world is no easy task, especially in the wild backcountry of North Carolina”.

Jamie and Claire must seek order in their family. Photo: (Starz Play)

However, the most important detail was left for last when he began to talk about the Frasers and their new struggles. “Claire and Jamie have made a home together at Fraser Ridge’s against the backdrop of the American Revolution for Independence.”, He assured and, later, closed with a shocking statement:“now they must protect this home, established on the land granted by the Crown, not only from outside forces, but also from the growing community struggle and conflict they created”.

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