Sam Heughan made fun of the protagonists of the Vampire Diaries

With the success of Outlander Sam Heughan it was catapulted, immediately, towards international fame. When the series, based on the books by Diana Gabaldón, arrived on Netflix, the furor was impossible to stop. This fiction, which follows the romantic story of Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), is a success around the world and this opened many doors for the actor. Since his name is known globally, as well as his acting level, he does not stop adding projects to his agenda.

In addition to Outlander, which will soon premiere its season six and will begin shooting the seventh, Sam Heughan already has several films released. In fact SAS: Rise of the Black Swan just hit the streaming giant and is the most watched in various parts of the world. But, beyond acting, this artist has different passions and one of them is related to whiskey.

In the fourth season of OutlanderWhen Jamie and his family move to America, Fergus is the one who starts the whiskey business. With a Scottish formula, the Frasers begin to succeed in this mini-company that, in fact, helps them when it comes to recruiting troops to fight with the rebels. And, the love for this drink crossed the screen.

Is that, in real life, Heughan released his own whiskey called Sassenach Spirits. This name comes from the nickname that her character calls Caitriona Balfe, since Sassenach in Welsh means “foreigner”. The company that the actor set up is having a lot of success to the point that on September 7 he will launch a limited edition of his drink called Spirit of Home.

However, Sam is not the first actor to enter this world, nor is he the first to launch his own brand. It must be remembered that, two of the iconic and legendary interpreters who did it were Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, who played the brothers Stefan and Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries. His characters, during the series, were fans of bourbon since it was what helped them to calm the lust for blood.

Ian Somerhalder y Paul Wesley. Photo Credits: (@iansomerhalder)

So much so that, like Heughan, their love for this drink went much further and they too started their own company. Brother´s Bond Bourbon is the name they gave to their industry. But, it was this very thing that pitted Somerhalder and Wesley against the star of Outlander. While it seems that everything is in the form of a joke, Sam replicated an image mocking his colleagues.

The mockery of Sam Heughan.

The mockery of Sam Heughan.

Through his Instagram stories, the actor laughed at the publication of Cigar Spirits Magazine which invites users to vote to see which whiskey they prefer and he comes out the winner. Moreover, it should be noted that neither Wesley nor Somerhalder gave their opinion on the matter, but that Sam put some humor to his victory by adding funny icons to opponents.


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