Sam Heughan rests from Outlander and shows his physical gifts again

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Sam Heughan achieved world fame for his participation in Outlander as Jamie Fraser, one of the most beloved characters in Starz Play fiction who can also be seen on Netflix. Right now the actor is in the middle of his vacation in Mexico, after spending a few days in the United States. In the last hours he published a photo on his networks that caused people to talk.

In early June, fans of Diana Gabaldon’s novel adaptations received news that lThe new episodes, corresponding to the sixth installment, are already fully filmed. In the announcement they also confirmed that the premiere is expected for the first part of 2022, although at the moment we do not have an exact date. The truth is that there is already a seventh season on the way, so there will be Outlander for a long time.

Undoubtedly, a complicated filming for the production due to the Coronavirus pandemic, between suspensions and resumes, so it was more stressful than previous deliveries. That is why a few weeks ago Sam traveled to Mexico to relax, where he was the focus of comments from his followers for a photo in which he showed off his physical condition. Now, he redoubled the bet and went for a new image.

A few days ago he shared a snapshot from the city of Los Angeles, where he enjoyed the American football match between the Chargers against the Rams, but instead of staying on American soil decided to return to Mexico. Nowadays It is located on the beaches of Cancun, where he visited the Tulum Jungle Gym, an ideal location to take a photo again and publish it on his official Instagram account. Peace!

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“It’s a jungle out there! @Mypeakchallenge”Said the image in which he was seen again shirtless exercising on the beach. My Peak Challenge is a community founded by Sam, where the members are known as the Peakers, who plan challenges of all kinds to raise money. The photo has been in the feed for less than 24 hours and already has more than 250 thousand likes, with hundreds of comments, in which the message of Graham McTavish: “Are you much taller than the last time I saw?”.


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