Sam Heughan talked about Outlander, compared himself to Robert Pattinson and revealed his strategy for facing fame

Overnight and evidently thanks to its premiere on Netflix, Outlander became a worldwide hit. Such is so Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, the protagonists, were catapulted to international fame. And, it is precisely for this reason that both have had to learn to handle the “fan phenomenon” in their lives, a totally radical change in their routine.

In that sense Sam Heughan gave an interview to Just the Facts, Alex Zane’s podcast in which he talked about Outlander, his strategy to face fame and even compared himself to Robert Pattinson. It is that, from being practically a stranger, the actor became an icon in the industry and in period series thanks to his role as Jamie Fraser.

This is why, since 2014, he had to face several tender moments with his fans, but also some more complicated ones such as identity theft or harassment on social networks. “If I had known about the fanbase, I think I probably would have thought twice because it would have been so overwhelming.”, He confessed about the legion of followers of Diana Gabaldón’s books.

Sam Heughan in the second season of Outlander. Photo: (Starz)

But, in turn, he stated: “it’s extraordinary and has a huge fan base, but i didn’t know it when i got the job”. Therefore, upon hearing these words, the interviewer confessed that in the first Twilight film he interviewed Robert Pattinson, who told him that he decided to set limits by separating Edward Cullen from his person due to the pressure he was experiencing.

These words Heughan answered: “I think it’s not easy to play an iconic character, and I think Jamie definitely is, at least for people. They are obsessed with these characters because they are very interested in them and want them to be real by getting as close as possible”. Then, he praised Pattinson’s work: “sometimes it is difficult for people to separate the actor from the character. And I think he did a great job going in a different direction”.

Sam Heughan He has been playing the iconic Jamie Fraser for seven years now, and apparently he learned to handle fame in the best way. He keeps his private life away from the media and in turn is very active in his networks to continue interacting with his fans, but as he said, separating the character from the actor.

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