Sam Heughan told a white lie to be a part of Outlander

Since Sam Heughan plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander, his career has been aimed at the top. For this character, the actor has to face an older Scottish Highland landowner and also a heartthrob who goes out of his way for his family and wife. And, it was this personality that made thousands of fans fall in love.

Jamie Fraser goes out of his way for his family. Photo: (Starz Play)

So much so that, at present, Sam Heughan He is one of the most sought after actors in terms of productions. Even though it is still part of Outlander And next year he will premiere the sixth season while he will film the seventh, he already has several projects on his curriculum that, in fact, two are part of Netflix.

Still, despite Heughan’s growth, his role as Jamie is already iconic and legendary in his life. What’s more, this same character was the one who also prompted him to drive. Men in Kilts with Graham McTavish. In fact, it is likely that Outlander be one of the jobs the interpreter tried the hardest to get to.

This is because, in addition to working hard to achieve the success of the series, he also told a white lie to be chosen for the production. Is that, the fact that Diana Gabaldón did not want him was not a point in favor in the eyes of the selectors, so he found a way to have something that no one else had.

Jamie Fraser, an 18th century man, did not have the privilege of riding a car, so horses were his only means of mobility. And something that the actor who would play the main character had to know was to know how to ride, a detail that Heughan did not miss and, during the first meeting with the production, he assured that he knew perfectly.

Jamie and Claire riding horses.  Photo: (Starz Play)

Jamie and Claire riding horses. Photo: (Starz Play)

But apparently this was not all he said Sam HeughanInstead, he recently confessed that he lied about being raised on a farm and riding horses since he was a child. However, this worked out very well for him as, now, he not only learned to be on a horse, but he also feels safe when he has a scene with, for example, Sleepy, his partner from the first season.


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