Sam Heughan’s desperate request to his fans

Thanks to his leading role in Outlander, where he plays Jamie Fraser, Sam Heughan He became one of the most important personalities in recent years. Since the series, based on the books by Diana Gabaldón, reached Netflix, his name has become known globally and, in fact, today the actor is one of the most sought after for different jobs.

Sam Heughan is one of the actors of the moment. Photo: (Starz)

That is why, as the success of Outlander, too Sam Heughan increased its number of fans. What’s more, the actor’s Instagram account is the greatest proof since, since the series shines worldwide, his followers increased by 80%. His role as Jamie has made him enchant thousands since this character is a man who combines tenderness, love and devotion for his wife with his personality as a leader who always seeks the well-being of his clan.

And, as with his relationship with Caitriona Balfe, the qualities of the character Heughan plays have transcended the screen to the point that today he is seen as one of the most respected and loved men in the industry. Even if, For some time now, the Scotsman has been suffering the abuse of fanaticism since there is a person who impersonated him, swindling thousands of fans, asking them for money for different purposes.

Sam Heughan and his fans were scammed.  Photo: (@samheughan)

Sam Heughan and his fans were scammed. Photo: (@samheughan)

It was between 34,000 and 36,500 pounds the money that this person obtained, who would have hacked Sam’s networks. So much so that, at the time, the interpreter expressed his discomfort and even apologized to the affected women, but now, he has again made a desperate request to those who follow him.

Please be cautious on the networks. There are many scammers. I would never message him on Instagram / Twitter / Whatsapp / Google Hangout to ask for money. If it’s not verified, it’s not me“, wrote Sam Heughan on their Instagram stories. This desperate request comes in order for his fans to be cautious when answering messages or believing everything they see on the networks.

Heughan's order.

Heughan’s order.

In fact, this coincides with the artist’s first message when he assured that what happens on the networks “it’s a problem”. The true reason for this post is still unknown, but it is probably a coincidence with what happened in 2018 with the scammer posing as him.


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