Sam Heughan’s New Role in Caitriona Balfe’s Life: They’re More Than Friends

If there is a key point in the success of OutlanderThat is undoubtedly the chemistry that its protagonists have. Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, who play the greats Jamie and Claire Fraser, became the most beloved couple in the period series. Their marriage, which was caused by fate and time travel, showed a passion and love rarely seen on the small screen.

So much so that, with such an unbreakable bond and such impeccable performances in Outlander, many rumors were generated around the protagonists. As it transpired, on more than one occasion, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe were a couple. Even so, whenever they had the opportunity, the actors took it upon themselves to outright deny it.

That is why, in each interview they share, both artists emphasize their friendship. However, despite their attempts, now their bond has completely changed and they are no longer friends. What’s more, this new relationship between Heughan and Balfe was noticed by his fans, who went crazy by exposing him.

And, without further ado, it should be noted that now their friendship is devalued because another person takes all the eyes. It is the newborn son of Caitriona Balfe, who secretly passed through her pregnancy. Through Instagram, the actress announced that she gave birth to a boy and her co-star in the series did not hesitate to congratulate her.

Congratulations to you two (3). Beautiful feeling”Heughan wrote in Balfe’s post. And, in this comment, it was when Congratulations came to him as he became an uncle! This is because, on more than one occasion, they took it upon themselves to say that they are like brothers and, therefore, now the fans of Outlander consider the actor as the new “uncle Sam”.

Sam Heughan’s comments on Caitriona Balfe’s post.

At the moment it was not leaked if Sam Heughan She has already met her new nephew, but it is to be expected that, after Caitriona’s privacy during her pregnancy, this first meeting will not be made public. Still, hope is never lost.


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