Sam Heughan’s particular nickname revealed in Outlander

The streaming service Netflix has countless titles that captivate viewers, and among the productions that make up the platform’s incredible library we find Outlander, starring Sam Heughan. The actor knew how to make a name for himself in the industry and is currently one of the most loved by fans of the series. Recently it became known how they call him behind the scenes and here we tell you the reason for his nickname.

In recent days the interpreter was at the center of the news when referring to the absence of his other program, Men in Kilts, in the list of nominations of the 73rd edition of the Emmy Awards. “Maybe Men in Kilts wasn’t recognized by the Emmys, but I’m so happy to hear that the fans loved it.”, he assured, although there are many of his followers who still cannot see it because its broadcast is only in Scotland.

Sam is part of the main cast of the show since its inception and this week marked a new anniversary of the day he was cast in the role of Jamie Fraser. “Thank you all for supporting us and making the work worthwhile! What a journey, what a character! Many thanks to Gabs herself”, published on his official Twitter account, where in addition to the congratulations of the fans, he also received a special message.

The author of the novels, Diana Gabaldon, he wrote on the networks and revealed Heughan’s nickname that few knew: “Same for you, Sheugs!”. As explained previously, She calls him that way for a simple reason: she has a son named Sam and when she mentions that name she only thinks of her boy. However, there is also a reason that goes beyond their link.

“Sheugs” is a play on words that the writer plays between Sam and Heughan, since in Scotland it is very common to call people called Hugh “Shug”, so he took this and adapted it in a way that sounds good with the actor’s name. After commenting on the eight years of casting, many fans thanked him for taking him into account to be Jamie Fraser, who we will see soon in the sixth season.

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