Sam Heughan’s real name is in honor of a character from The Lord of the Rings

In 2014 Starz released Outlander in style, but when the series reached Netflix the success was unstoppable. And, in addition to the fury generated by fiction, the protagonists were also catapulted to international fame: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. They, as interpreters of Claire and Jamie Fraser respectively, are the ones who have harvested the most fans in the last time and their followers do not stop increasing around the world.

That is, both Caitriona’s life and that of Sam Heughan it changed radically overnight. So much so that both have had to learn to separate their public life from their private life in order to continue maintaining a bit of normalcy in their routines. But, so much excess popularity has brought some consequences, at least for him.

More than once Heughan confessed that he suffered harassment, identity theft and even death threats through social media. Even so, that did not take away the possibility of relating in a unique way with his followers. Interaction and sense of humor are two of the things that prevail in the official accounts of the Scottish interpreter and, for that reason, it is one of the most beloved in the industry.

Sam Heughan is one of the most beloved actors. Photo: (Getty)

In any case, that does not prevent him from being very hermetic in terms of his private life. So far no official relations have been known to him or he has not been involved in any scandal. However, now things have changed and all for a reason: he had to confess his top secret and it is about the truth behind his name and the origin of it.

Long ago it transpired that both Sam and his brother were named in honor of the saga of The Lord of the rings and then it was he who confirmed it. “It’s true”, He began recognizing in the Show de Kelly Clarkson and then added: “my brother’s name is Cirdan. Those movie fans may recognize it. I think it was the foreman of the elves, the one who took them from Middle-earth wherever they go”.

Sam Heughan and his brother.  Photo: (@samheughan)

Sam Heughan and his brother. Photo: (@samheughan)

And, after this confession, it was her turn to talk about him. While “Sam” seems like a common name, he was actually baptized by his parents in another way.My nickname is Sam from Samwise, who was Frodo’s partner. The christening was not official like that, but yes, my parents were probably hippies”, He said resignedly. Of course, it should be noted that whatever his name is called, the love for him remains the same.


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