Sam Heughan’s vacation showed his more unknown side

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Last year was very hard for the entire film and series industry and those who know it best are the actors, including Sam Heughan. The Scottish actor, who plays Jamie Fraser in Outlander, was, along with its cast, one of the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic since the sixth season of the series based on the books by Diana Gabaldón had to be delayed.

Despite the wish of the producers, the filming of the next edition of Outlander they only started in March of this year. Although, it should be noted that on June 1, achieving a record time, the recordings of the same were finished ensuring that at the beginning of 2022 the six new episodes that the season will have will be available.

The sixth season of Outlander will be available next year. Photo: (Starz Play)

That is why, at present, both Sam Heughan like the rest of the members of the fiction are on vacation. After a few arduous months of work, the Scottish artist decided to get in the way with the recording set and headed for Mexico where he not only enjoys the splendid landscapes of this country, but is also in search of a new association.

Is that, his whiskey company, Sassenach Spirits seems to want to expand and start producing tequila, a drink originally from, precisely, the country in which he is vacationing. However, this search that Heughan is carrying out is not the one that most attracts the attention of his days off, but rather the photographs that he himself publishes on social networks.

During your work time, whether on the stage or on television, Sam Heughan He is not very close to his Instagram profile. Although he always has it up to date, he never shares so much information, but now that he is relaxed he does not stop uploading photos to his account where he usually drives his fans crazy showing his lesser known side: his relaxed and Mexican-style looks.

Sam Heughan's most relaxed looks.

Sam Heughan’s most relaxed looks.

For more than the Scottish style with which he usually dresses during Outlander is part of the characterization of his character, more than once he has worn the kilt in events or even in his program, Men in Kilts. But now, not only did he put the quadrillé aside, but he also began to wear rancher hats and even scarves around his neck.


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