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Sam Thompson Addresses ‘Relationship Crisis Talks’ with Zara McDermott Rumours

Sam Thompson has revealed the truth behind images showing him in tears outside the Television and Radio Industries Club (TRIC) awards last week.

These pictures emerged amidst reports that the winner of I’m A Celebrity was in relationship “crisis talks” with his long-term girlfriend, Zara McDermott.

The Made in Chelsea star, 31, and Love Island contestant, 27, began dating in 2019 after Thompson messaged McDermott on Instagram. The couple briefly separated the following year when McDermott admitted she had cheated on Thompson while filming The X Factor: Celebrity, but they confirmed they were back together just months later.

Thompson was seen being comforted by his best friend Pete Wicks after appearing to break down in tears at the TRIC awards following an alleged disagreement with McDermott on Tuesday (25 June).

“I wasn’t crying, I wasn’t actually crying. I just want to let everyone know that now,” he told his best friend Pete Wicks on their Staying Relevant podcast. “Look, there’s no way of getting around it. I had actually received some bad news, so I actually was really sad, I’m not going to lie about it, but I was.”

He continued: “I let it go, I let it all out. I am head butting Pete’s shoulder. I am caressed into his armpit and he is being such a good mate saying ‘I am always there for you blah blah blah,’ and I am feeling very sorry for myself.”

Meanwhile, Wicks joked, “Personally I just think it was Sam’s way of letting out the fact that we hadn’t won an award. I think that’s where the tears stemmed from.”

Thompson did not address his relationship at all, in an uncharacteristic move for the couple who usually post joint content and share details of their romance on a regular basis.

However, McDermott shared a picture of the couple sharing an ice cream around the same time that news of the “crisis talks” emerged.

The presenter appeared in his scheduled slot on Love Island Aftersun on Sunday (30 June), despite reducing his commitments to the program and its accompanying podcast for its latest season.

A source detailed Thompson and McDermott’s ongoing relationship struggles to The Sun last week, claiming, “Since Christmas, Zara and Sam have been really busy with work and have had little quality time to see each other and as a result, their relationship has suffered.”

“They’ve both wanted to make the most of their careers and say yes to all the exciting opportunities offered to them. Last weekend it came to a head and they had a big row. It was very upsetting and they needed some time to let the dust settle.”

According to the publication, McDermott left her shared home with Thompson in London to stay with her parents in Essex before flying to Majorca for a modeling job.

Source: The Sun