Samadhi Zendejas: The Celebrity Actress’ Relationship History and Her Connection to William Levy

William Levy receives “VIP visit” at the studio amid rumors about ...

Love Speculation Surrounds Samadhi Zendejas and William Levy

Since the speculation of love with William Levy came to the surface, the love life of the actress Samadhi Zendejas became of public interest on social networks. For many, the antagonist of “False Identity” not only shows great professional chemistry with the Cuban, but they would also make a very nice couple off the filming sets. Of course, we must indicate that it would not be the first time that the Mexican woman has managed to conquer a soap opera heartthrob.

There is no doubt that William Levy and Samadhi Zendejas are starring in one of the most famous rumors in recent months. It turns out that both the Cuban and the Mexican have aroused the curiosity of thousands of fans after starring in “Vuelve a mí”, Telemundo’s new bet. In this sense, speculation about a possible love affair did not stop appearing all over the internet. In fact, the latest reports indicate that the Latino actors would be almost nothing away from confirming their relationship given the great media pressure that rests on their shoulders.

Samadhi Zendejas’s Previous Relationships with Soap Opera Heartthrobs

Be that as it may, this would not be the first time that Zendejas would be in a relationship with a soap opera heartthrob, therefore, here we present you with a list of the heartthrobs that he has managed to captivate with his beauty. Can you guess some of them?

Alejandro Speitzer

The list of the talented Mexican actress is opened by another leading man from telenovelas. After they met in mid-2009 during the recordings of “Dare to dream”, the chemistry ended up bringing them together, starting a relationship that many do not remember with such emotion. Alejandro began his acting career in 2000 when he was just 5 years old.

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In dialogue with Omar Chaparro in 2020, Zendejas revealed that his romance with Speitzer lasted four years, as they became a good couple and shared many moments together. Although in that interview with the journalist he did not delve into the reasons why they ended, he did specify that Alejandro was his first love of all his life. In addition, he revealed that Speitzer had been his platonic love before being part of the soap opera and that he He was excited when they told him that he was going to be his romantic interest in fiction.

Lorenzo Méndez

After breaking sticks with Speitzer, the actress was romantically related to Lorenzo Méndez, the ex-husband of the host Chiquis Rivera. All the insinuations were made while Zendejas was participating in a Telemundo dance reality show. Although nothing was ever confirmed in this regard, the information emerged in the morning newspaper “Chisme No Like”, as the indications that both were dating were gaining more and more strength in all of Mexico.

It is worth clarifying that neither Zendejas nor Méndez came out to confirm such rumors. Will they have been a couple off camera? Well, at the moment we don’t know at all.

Yolanda Andrade

Another of the 28-year-old actress’ relationships also includes the famous Yolanda Andrade. According to media such as El Heraldo de México, Zendejas was immersed in a commitment with the histrionisa a while ago. All the speculations were born after a video that went viral, where the host is also seen together with Samadhi in some celebrations for the name day Julio César Chávez’s number 60.

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Yolanda Andrade is a Mexican actress and host who works with Montserrat Oliver (Photo: Unicable) them, to the point of giving each other nicknames and nicknames just like a normal couple. In addition, when approached by the press, Samadhi clarified that she is heterosexual and that Yolanda is just a family friend. She “she is a great woman but no. I am not a woman who would have a relationship with Yolanda, because I do not like women,” she explained to reporters.

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