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Former ‘Love Island’ Star Samira Mighty Releases New Single

Samira Mighty, the former ‘Love Island’ star, has recently released her debut single titled ‘S.A.M’. She had shared a sneak peek of the catchy dance number on her social media platforms earlier and received an overwhelming response from her fans.

The song is co-written by Samira and Aaron Foston, produced by Kelly Kiara and features UK rapper C.Monts. Samira describes the track as being a reflection of her confident and empowered self.

Speaking to , Samira shared that she has always been into music but never had the right opportunity to venture into it. However, her stint on ‘Love Island’ helped her gain a massive fan following, eventually leading to her dream of pursuing a career in music.

Samira also shared that she wanted the first song to be a ‘feel-good’ upbeat track that people could dance to and forget their worries for some time. With its catchy beats and Samira’s smooth vocals, the song certainly does justice to her vision.

Samira’s fans have showered her with love and praise for her debut single, hoping to see more of her musical endeavours in the future.

Samira’s ‘S.A.M.’ is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

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