Samsung announces a cloud gaming platform for its Smart TVs

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Samsung does not want to be left out of the pop-up video game industry. With the Smart TV increasingly prepared to supply the audiovisual demands of users, the South Korean firm has presented at the Samsung Developer Conference 2021 a cloud gaming platform. Although details about its operation, availability or specifications have not been disclosed, we do know that it will be aimed at Smart TV with operating system Tizen; the one that incorporates the panels of the Asian firm.

Yongjae Kim, senior vice president of R&D at Visual Display Software, made the information official during this digital conference. “We are developing a new gaming platform in the cloud,” he says (minute 25:20). “This means that you will soon be able to enjoy games without having to buy high-end hardware; and Developers can easily apply the immersive Samsung Smart TV experience to new games”, He expands.

Samsung prepares to include video games on its Smart TVs

In section questions and answers from the official Samsung portal they give some more information, but do not specify details that fans may wonder at this point; for example, which partners will participate in the Samsung service. Amazon Luna, for example, has the support of a multitude of independent studios and the French firm Ubisoft.

“We are currently working on games in the cloud with the aim that users can play the latest games on their Samsung Smart TV equipped with the Tizen platform; all without the need for the latest consoles or expensive graphics cards”They describe, presumably referring to platforms like PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series.

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To achieve this, “we are working closely with our current service partners.” One of the advantages of the operating system Tizen is that it is from Open Source, which will facilitate development for all types of developers and will be compatible with a wide variety of tools.

After Samsung’s attempt to bring its video games to televisions via the cloud in 2012 at the hands of Gaikai, plans were thwarted after the purchase of Sony, which took over Gaikai to give color and shape to the current PlayStation Now.

With Google (Stadia), Microsoft (Xbox Cloud Gaming), Amazon (Luna), Nvidia (GeForce Now) y Sony (PlayStation Now), it’s Samsung’s turn to move token in the world of videogames through the cloud. Soon we will leave doubts.

Source | The Verge; Samsung


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