Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Design Exposed in New Renders

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra: A New Rival for iPad?

Tablets are devices that no one would have thought would be so useful. Having the power of a computer that you only need to work with a perfect size and weight for transport has become something that everyone wants, and at Samsung they always think that everything can be improved.

A Typical Tablet Design, But with Improvements from Phones

One of the things that stands out every year in the world of mobile phones is that the exterior has to change in order for the user to have the feeling of having a completely new mobile phone. Of course, this has to be seen in tablets as well, where you can also appreciate that there are a lot of similarities that manufacturers get in their other devices. This is what has happened in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, a tablet that is destined to be the new rival of the iPad.

Front Design

According to the images that OnLeaks puts on his Twitter account, the tablet has big differences compared to last year, especially located on the back. Let’s start at the front, where what remains are the thin frames with a generous screen inside. However, the greatness of the 14.6-inch Super OLED-type panel will be cut on one of the long edges by the presence of a notch. This will serve to locate the front camera of the device that will help you make video calls, the same as we saw in the last generation.

Edge Design

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On the edges, you can see the USB C connector, the speakers, the magnetic hook to place a cover or a keyboard of these characteristics and the on and off controls next to the volume.

Rear Design

Now, the great novelty compared to last year’s model would be in the rear. Following the leaked images of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra, we will continue with a very clean design with an elongated detail right next to the two cameras that will serve to anchor the S Pen. Yes, there will still be two, but this time there will be no encapsulation. And it is here where we see this great novelty brought from the Galaxy S23, with which it shares the same shapes of the lenses that the firm has presented to us this year.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra seems to be a powerful device that will definitely compete with the iPad. With its bigger screen and improved camera features, it could be the perfect device for those who love to have a large yet portable device.

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