Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic: price and features of the new watches

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 y Galaxy Watch4 Classic: precio y características de los nuevos relojes

Today has been a very important day for Samsung. The company has presented to the world what it is capable of with the new versions of the foldable phones of the Galaxy Z series. But this has not been the only device that the firm has dropped during the event and one of the proofs of this are the new models of smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic. We will tell you all the details below.

So are the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Smart watches are the best accessories for a smartphone. At first they did not seem so important, but over time they have become the best devices for those who want to improve their quality of life by measuring everything that happens in their day. This related to their activities and how the body behaves throughout the day.

Every year we see better proposals and this time we have to go to the new Samsung Galaxy Watch4 y Watch4 Classic. What is the difference between both models? In addition to the name, what makes them different are the sizes (40-44 on the Watch4 and 42-46 on the Watch4 Classic) and the aluminum and stainless steel construction respectively. From here, with a round dial in its design, we find two watches with AMOLED touch screen and two buttons on the side to control it.

Inside both devices we find nothing less than a chip from the house: the 5nm Exynos W920 that promises to have an internet connection of up to 4G. The datasheet confirms the presence of 1.5 GB in RAM as well as 16 of ROM, IP68 certification, NFC and Samsung BioActive sensor which will be in charge of providing an optical and electrical heart rate detector and bioelectrical impedance analysis. You will also have a 350 mAh battery in the case of the Watch4 Classic and 240 mAh in the Watch4.

In the section devoted to well-being, the amount of data that the device collects, such as the basal metabolic rate, the percentage of fat or the muscle mass, among others, will draw attention to many. All this working under the interface Wear OS by Samsung that will be compatible with devices with Android 6 onwards.

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Price and availability

Now that you know what the new ones are like Samsung Galaxy Watch4 y Watch4 Classic you will want to know its price. In the case of the first, the cost will be from € 269 for Bluetooth versions and € 319 for 4G models, while the Classic will be priced at € 369 for the Bluetooth versions and € 419 for the 4G models. Will be next August 27th when it hits the shops and you can reserve it now.


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