Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3; price, specs and release date

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Although today they are still viewed with some reluctance because their technology is still very new, it is clear that smartphones with flexible screens have come to stay. The next great leap in the evolution of mobile telephony still has a little to do to be a new standard -especially because its prices are very high-, but like 4K TVs, it is a matter of time.

Among the various companies that already have this type of terminal on the market, Samsung was the first to opt for it. And in fact, so much so that today it has presented us with the third iteration of its two series of flexible screens, Fold and Flip. We are going to review everything about each one, starting with the most expensive and Premium mobile that the Korean brand has on the market right now:

Samsung Galaxy Fold3 5G

Infinity Flex e IPX8

With measurements similar to those of its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold3 5G mounts a flexible panel with the front camera located under the screen. With a minimum of pixels applied to the top of the camera hole, Z Fold3 5G has a 7.6-inch QXGA + Dynamic AMOLED 2X flexible main display with ratio 22.5: 18 Infinity Flex Display (2208 x 1768), 374ppi, 120Hz adaptive refresh rate.


The outer screen -the one you see when the mobile is closed- is a 6.2-inch HD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel (24.5: 9), 2268 x 832, 387ppi, with an adaptive refresh rate of 120Hz.

With the new Eco² display technology, the display is 29% brighter and consumes less power. But the most spectacular thing is undoubtedly in the fact that the Fold 3 5G is the first flexible mobile (together with the Flip3) that is equipped with IPX8 water resistance, -submersible in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. Both devices are also built with Armor Aluminum -the strongest aluminum ever used in a Galaxy smartphone- along with the Corning Gorilla crystal loser stronger to protect it from scratches and accidental drops.

In addition, both devices include a new protective film made of a flexible PET and optimized layers on the display panel, resulting in “a home screen 80% more durable than previous devices.”

Concealed hinge

Given its nature, one of the issues that most worries an ‘early adopter’ of this type of phone is how the flexible mechanism will respond over time. For the Fold3 5G, Samsung has implemented the same type of concealed hinge that debuted on the first Galaxy Z Flip, which allows devices to stay in place at any angle with Flex mode so you can use your mobile however you want.


And thanks to improved scanning technology, fibers inside the hinge are now shorter, which helps repel dust and other particles and to maintain the durability of the devices and the user experience smoothly. Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G too “have been subjected to severe folding tests, verified by Bureau Veritas, to withstand 200,000 folds“.

Sanpdragon 888

The Z Fold3 5G implements a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Octa-Core de 64 bits from 5mm to 2.84ghz (Maximum speed) + 2.4ghz + 1.8 ghz and 12 GB of RAM, allowing you to choose between two versions in terms of storage space: 256GB or 512GB. The mobile has a 4,400 mAh battery with 25W fast charging, 11W wireless and 4.5W Inverse – although remember that it is sold without a charger.

Other features are Wi-Fi a / b / g / n / ac / 6e connectivity, nano SIM + eSIM, Bluetooth 5.2, A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO. USB-C 3.2, NFC and a Double AKG stereo speaker compatible with Dolby Atmos sound.


Under-screen camera

With a front camera under the 4MP screen With f1.8 aperture, Pixel size: 2.0 and FOV: 80˚ -although it is still visible on the front panel-, the Z Fold3 mounts a triple rear camera with these characteristics:

  • Camera 12MP ultra wide angle: F2.2, Pixel Pitch: 1.12μm, FOV: 123˚
  • Camera 12MP wide angle: Dual Pixel AF, OIS, F1.8, Pixel Size: 1.8μm, FOV: 83˚
  • Camera 12MP telephoto: PDAF, F2.4, OIS, Pixel Pitch: 1.0μm, FOV: 45˚ Dual OIS, x0.5 optical zoom out and x2 in, digital zoom up to x10, HDR10 + recording, tracking AF

S-Pen Productivity and Compatibility

For the first time in the Galaxy Z series -and as a certainty that we may no longer see more Galaxy Note models-, Samsung incorporates Note to Z Fold3 5G series technology with S Pen functionality. Users can take advantage of the enhanced S Pen features on its foldable screen, to take notes during a video call or review a to-do list while reading emails.

In fact, the S Pen now comes in two options:

  • S Pen Fold Edition
  • S Pen Pro

Both feature a specially designed Pro Retractable Tip with Force Limit Technology to protect the Z Fold3 5G’s main screen, for peace of mind while using the stylus. Flex mode lets you join a video call on the top screen of the device while checking your meeting notes on the bottom.

With the updated Multi-Active Window function you can compose a text message while checking the calendar, all from the big screen of the device.

Also, in Z Fold3 5G, users can create a shortcut and reopen the applications later in the same position, thanks to App Pair. They can also use the new Z Fold3 5G taskbar to quickly switch applications without having to return to the home screen.



Given its technology, this mobile is not cheap. The mobile comes in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Green, y Phantom Silver, and its price is:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 12GB + 256GB: 1.809 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 12GB + 512GB: 1.909€.

Samsung Galazy Z Flip3 5G

Infinity Flex e IPX8

Hitting the ball with the idea of ​​bringing the flexible screen to the classic clamshell / cover mobile concept, Samsung has also renewed its Flip series with a Z Flip3 5G that has a design similar to its predecessor: The main screen -the one that unfolds- is a panel 6.7-inch FHD + Dynamic AMOLED 2X and 22: 9 Infinity Flex ratio with 2640 x 1080 resolution, 425ppi and 120Hz adaptive refresh rate. The external display is a 1.9-inch Super AMOLED with 260 x 512 resolution and 302ppi.

At the level of materials and certification, it is the same as the Z Fold3 5G, also equipped with IPX8 water resistance, -submersible in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for a maximum of 30 minutes-, Y crystal aluminum armor Corning Gorilla loser stronger to protect it from scratches and accidental drops.


Snapdragon 888

Like the Z Fold 3, the Z Flip 3 mounts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Octa-Core processor 64-bit from 5mm to 2.84ghz (Maximum speed) + 2.4ghz + 1.8 ghz and 12 GB of RAM memory, allowing you to choose between two versions in terms of storage space: 256GB or 512GB. The mobile mounts a 3,300 mAh battery with 15W fast charge, 11W wireless and 4.5W Inverse -although remember that it is sold without a charger.

The terminal also has Wi-Fi connectivity a / b / g / n / ac / 6e, nano SIM + eSIM, Bluetooth 5.2, A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO. USB-C 3.2, NFC and ones AKG stereo speakers compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Under-screen camera

Endowed with 3 cameras in total, the Z Flip3 has a 10MP Selfie Camera with focal aperture F2.4, pixel size: 1.22μm, and FOV: 80˚. And his Dual rear camera, that allows you to lean on the secondary screen to take photos without losing sight of what you are focusing on, it has the following characteristics:

  • Camera 12MP ultra wide angle: F2.2, Tamaño del pixel: 1.12μm, FOV: 123˚
  • Camera 12 MP wide angle: Pixel Dual AF, OIS, F1.8
  • Pixel size: 1.4μm, FOV: 78˚
  • Up to x10 digital zoom, HDR10 + recording, tracking AF


The front screen of the Z Flip3 5G has been redesigned and is now four times larger making it easy to view notifications and messages without having to open the phone. You will be able to consult the agenda, see the time or control your daily step count thanks to the new widgets that have been included and, those who have the new Galaxy Watch4 or Galaxy Watch4 Classic, will also be able to coordinate the background of the front screen with that of the new smartwatches.


Finally, Samsung Pay is integrated directly into the front screen, so that it is more convenient to pay in an easy and fast way.


Although a little cheaper, and mounting the same processor and RAM, the Z Flip comes in the colors Cream, Green, Lavender, Phantom Black, Gray, White y Pink, and its price is:

  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 12GB + 128GB: 1.059 euros
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 12GB + 256GB: 1.159€


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