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Samsung is developing a new cloud gaming platform

Samsung has announced that it is developing a new cloud gaming platform for your smart TVs .

Revealed as part of the present Sam’s SDC21 main action sung , the platform it will work on television Samsung smart res with Tizen technology , a Linux-based operating system that currently supports more than 200 million Samsung devices.

The new plat afor ma was only quickly mentioned as part of the presentation, so very little is currently known about her . To diversify your selection of games on televisions is smart Samsung, we are developing a new cloud gaming platform. said Yongjae Kim, senior vice president of software R&D at visualiz visual ation of Samsung. “This means that you will soon be able to wings enjoy games without buying high-end hardware , and developers can easily apply the immersive and fluid experience of Samsung Smart TV to the new games. .

No game developer examples provided , but the mention that the platform is an alternative to “high-end hardware” suggests that it is more in the field of platforms like Stadia that in the ports of Thurs gos for Android.

This It won’t be the first time Samsung has tried to jump into streaming gaming . In fact, in 2012 he worked with Gaikai to create Samsu of Cloud Gaming in 2012 he worked with Gaikai to create Samsung Cloud Gaming for your previous generations of Smart TV, with promotional ads for Darksiders 2 con an Darksiders 2 promotional items . As reference, Gaikai is the service that powers PlayStation Now, and is now owned by Sony .

With its new platform, Samsung will enter the increasingly competitive world of cloud gaming . Without going any further, GeForce Now now has a new subscription level that offers the power of a R TX 3080 , which really is “high-end hardware” .

For its part, Xbox is moving more the console and will soon be integrated into televisions and streaming devices as support for your cloud gaming option grows. In the meantime, Google Stadia may be idle, but has not come out, and now offers its technology as a white label product now offers its technology as a white label product so what use other companies, including AT&T.

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