Samsung Unveils Revolutionary OLED Screen with Embedded Heart Rate Sensor and Fingerprints

By: Dan Cooper

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The Advantages of OLED Screens

OLED screens are highly coveted in the phone and imaging market. The balance between energy efficiency and viewing quality makes them a valuable asset, but there are other interesting features that make them stand out. For instance, they are the only type of screen that can be used in folding phones, and Samsung is now placing more importance on them with a new feature to be added.

Samsung’s New OLED Panel

Samsung is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of displays, and it puts its own products on the market with the latest technology. The company is also a supplier to other major brands with their display panels. The new OLED panels from Samsung will feature a heart rate sensor, adding an extra function to improve their use.

The new OLED panel features an organic photodiode with incorporated light detection. This is a significant improvement for telephones since companies no longer have to incorporate a new reader in the device but can use the one that is already on the board.

According to a Samsung official reported by Sammobile, “To accurately measure a person’s blood pressure, it is necessary to measure the blood pressure of both arms. The Sensor OLED screen can simultaneously detect the fingers of both hands, providing information of more accurate health than existing portable devices.”

A Feature of Smart Watches

Smartwatches are the devices that typically integrate this improvement among their features. Until now, it has been something designed for athletic individuals, but Samsung’s new OLED panel means it can be a feature available to anyone with a smartphone. It will be interesting to see if Samsung incorporates this technology into the Samsung Galaxy S24 next year.

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