Samsung will increase the RAM of its mobiles in a virtual way, which mobiles already have it

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The RAM memory of your smartphone is a volatile memory that is faster than any other type of storage. When you open an application on the phone, it is called a process and these processes (multiple applications) are stored in the physical RAM in the background. RAM allows applications to load faster without much lag.


In the same vein, virtual RAM uses the phone’s internal storage as makeshift RAM, which is popularly known as virtual RAM. In simple terms, virtual RAM is a function where a part of the phone’s internal storage will be used as additional RAM, which effectively increases the total amount of RAM in the smartphone.

As the name suggests, it is about a “virtual” RAM, which means that the amount of expanded RAM is not physically present as RAM in the mobile. For example, if a phone has 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and you expand the RAM by 4GB, now you will have 12 GB of RAM and about 123 GB of internal storage, similar to how Windows allocates a certain amount of disk storage to be used as virtual RAM when physical memory runs out. And that is precisely what Samsung has just implemented.

Samsung RAM Plus

Implemented as a hidden function in the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G presented last summer, a smartphone with a Snapdragon 778G processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, the function RAM plus allows you to do the same explained before: Increase the RAM virtually using part of the internal storage. And this function is the one that Samsung is including in more mid-range and high-end mobiles.

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According to the Sammobile website, RAM Plus was included in a software update for the Galaxy A52 5G recently, and “Although we thought it would only be available on the company’s budget and mid-range phones, it is not. Even the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with its 12 gigs of RAM, already has the function. “

Just 4GB more of virtual RAM

Not present in the Z Fold 3 at its premiere, RAM Plus appears to have been implemented at the top of the flexible range with a recent software update, which leads one to think that Samsung will also activate this feature on other high-end phones and flagships, such as the Galaxy S21 series at some point. The beta of Android 12 and One UI 4.0 for the Galaxy S21 line does not include RAM Plus, but it might appear in future updates.

More typical of entry-level and mid-range mobile phones, the truth is that Android usually prevents a device’s memory from running out by closing applications and services in the background when necessary. And Samsung and other OEMs tweak the process to be even more aggressive, so at a top-of-the-range with 12GB of RAM it might not be much needed, although the Z Gold 3 already has it. Yes indeed, you can neither increase nor reduce the amount, RAM Plus gives you 4GB maximum of virtual RAM and that’s it.


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