Sánchez allows transport from the East to take over the Spanish truck business in full strike

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The Spanish truck has run out of profit margin. The rise in fuel prices, together with tax and social security increases, has brought countless Spanish carriers to the brink of subsistence. Truckers are already threatening indefinite stoppages after the strike scheduled for this Christmas. Sánchez ignores the sector. And, above all, in the midst of all this, the Government delays the application of a rule that would prevent the invasion of transport from the East: the so-called mailbox companies, which have already taken over 25% of national transport from abroad based on relocating the official location of companies to countries with less tax looting.

The Fenadismer transport employer has already described this latest move by Sánchez as “further proof of the abandonment and lack of concern suffered by the road transport sector by the Public Administrations.” It is about the delay in the transposition of the European Directives that affect the sector, especially the one related to the displacement of foreign drivers in Spain.

Currently, more than a quarter of international transport with origin or destination in Spain is carried out by transport companies domiciled in Eastern European countries, with labor and tax costs up to eight times less those paid by Spanish companies.


Despite the fact that in the last year Fenadismer has been insistently demanding “the need to process the approval of said regulation in Spain in order to control the unfair competition that in recent years the sector has been enduring by these foreign transport companies, many of them belonging to great spanish floats, which have artificially relocated the headquarters of their companies in those countries, with an evident fraud both labor and tax, however, the absolute negligence with which the Government has acted in this matter is surprising, “they point out from the employer’s association. And the fact is that the approval of this directive has been delayed to the maximum, despite pressure from the EU, and despite the damage it is causing to Spanish road workers.

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This regulation was included by the European Union in the so-called Mobility Package approved in July of last year, which included, among other measures, the approval of the European Directive on the movement of drivers between countries of the European Union, which requires that drivers Drivers who carry out international or cabotage transport operations receive the minimum wage of the country in which the transport is carried out, excluding from this obligation transports in transit as well as bilateral transports.

For its control, the transport company must carry out, prior to the performance of the transport service, a offset statement of its drivers, which must be sent to a centralized electronic system in the European Commission, for later the host State, that is, the country where the service is provided, to be able to control the correct performance of the service and the fulfillment of salary obligations.

However, “apparently the differences between the Ministry of Labor and Transport regarding said regulation have led to the fact that as of today the new Law remains unprocessed, which will foreseeably prevent Spain from applying the European Directive in our country, and consequently, the “mailbox companies” (as relocated companies are colloquially called) can continue working in our country with total impunity. causing very serious damage to the Spanish transport companies ”, they clarify from Fenadismer.

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